Happy Monday. There's a new challenger every day to defeat. Let's play some chess!

Dr. Acula, Business Man
Dr. Acula has a great business opportunity for you. It's definitely not a pyramid scheme, but if you can just sign up 10 of your friends and they sign up 10 of their friends...

Try your luck against previous opponents.

Sunday, March 24th
Jack the Snipper
He used to do crimes, but now he does hair cuts. He's ready to slice up your defense.
Saturday, March 23rd
Tom the Cop
Tom works for the LAPD, but he one week away from retirement. He's ready to take a break and play some chess.
Friday, March 22nd
Pawn King
Join the pawn revolution! It's time for the minor pieces to rise.
Thursday, March 21st
Emily the Bomb Tech
She lives on the edge, defusing bombs by day and attacking pawns by night. Watch out for her aggressive openings and queen play!
Wednesday, March 20th
Boris the Cabbie
He drives a black cab in London. And he LOVES the London opening.
Tuesday, March 19th
Sad Dad
He's had a rough time lately, but he's dragged himself out of bed and he's ready to play chess! Will he finally get the win he needs so badly?
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